Niko's Birth Story :: Portland Birth Photographer :: Portland, OR

Birth, like the life it creates, is a journey. One you can have a plan and a dream for, but one that will test you and ask you to surrender and to trust the path, however long and winding it may be.  Erika was so calm and such a trooper throughout her 35 (!!!) hours of labor. I had mentioned to Erika just a week before that I would love to photograph a birth. Without hesitation she asked if I wanted to document hers. I felt so honored to be a part of this story, and the moment Niko joined us was a moment I have never experienced before. Witnessing a birth is very different than experiencing it yourself, and I think it may have been even more breathtaking and wondrous to see firsthand. I was left with this amazing natural high and I am now certain this is what I want to do more of. Welcome Niko, you have some amazing parents and a wonderful older brother who are happy to have you join them on this journey. 

Fun fact: Erika had the same AMAZING midwife team (Glow midwifery) that I had for my two births. It was wonderful working with them and not being the one in labor this time.